Hotel VESELY - Zelezny Brod

based 1936, tradition continues ..........


In 2015 our company bought Hotel Vesely our company in Zelezny Brod from the last of the Vesely family, Mr. Karel Vesely. In the 1930s the hotel built Mr. Sochor, who, after a short time, in 1936, sold the oldest of the Vesely family, Mr. Karel Vesely. He edited the hotel and arrived and on May 31, 1936, he opened it. At that time he belonged to the best in the area. Now the hotel was in a pitiful state, its glory behind, but it still had its soul. We decided to get him back to the glare he had previously been. The entire restaurant and hotel area underwent a great reconstruction. Now we have a modern restaurant for 35 people, lounge for twenty and large, covered summer terrace for 40 people and in the hotel part there are seven new modern rooms. We believe you will like us and we will be pleased to come back here.

Guests of the hotel can also use the facilities of our partner Guesthouse Formanka, which is two kilometers from the hotel, with a large garden, barbecue or fireplace.

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Opening hours

                                   Daily  1 1:00 - 21:00