Our story

Our company was founded in 1992, when we bought the first building in the village of Splzov, which currently houses the Formanka restaurant. After two years of reconstruction, it was opened in 1994. Five years later, we bought an old farm, across the road, where we opened the Formanka guest house in 2000, which currently has ten rooms. In 2015, our company bought Hotel Veselý in Železný Brod from the last of the Veselý family, Mr. Karel Veselý.

About the hotel

In the 1930s, the hotel was built by Mr. Sochor, who after a short time, in 1936, sold it to the oldest of the Vesely family, Mr. Karel Veselý. He renovated and completed the entire hotel and inaugurated it on May 31, 1936. At that time, it was one of the best in the area. Now the hotel was in a deplorable state, its glory behind it, but it still had its soul. We decided to get him back to prominence, where he used to belong. The whole restaurant and hotel part has undergone a major reconstruction. Now we have a modern restaurant for 35 people, a lounge for twenty and a large, covered summer terrace for 40 people and in the hotel part there are eight new modern rooms. The facade of the building will be reconstructed in the autumn of 2021. We believe that you will like us and we will be pleased when you return here.